Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer Buzz

     How is everyone else's summer going? Hopefully good. I know I always look forward to the summer. A nice time to just chill and relax. And attempt to get a tan (Irish heritage makes it hard to be anything but snow white). But really summer is just about taking a break and having fun.
     Most people back home probably go to the beach or the pool for their summer. Sometimes I wish my summer was that laid back. Not that I don't like my summers, they just usually end up... rushed. I have the majority of my family living in England, so I usually go there to visit them.
     One of my brothers also lives there and he's still in school. English schools get out end of July-ish, whereas schools back home get out early June. That in between time I normally end up writing and reading. Then we get to the family visits and the small vacation time.
     In just a few days I'm going back home to America. I haven't seen my baby brother in over two months so I can't to get back! School's starting back up again at the end of August. I'm going to be home schooled this year so I have no idea when I'll be restarting school.It should be fun though. My awesome cousin Patrick is going to be home schooled with me (he was home schooled last year as well). Patrick's only eight, but he is freaking awesome. If you met him you'd understand.
 He does talk a lot as well, as you might be able to imagine from this photo.
 He's going to be a heart breaker when he's older. Only he's too sweet and kind to hurt any girls.

See more pictures of Patrick at And yes, he is a model/actor.

Hope everyone has been having a wonderful summer!

K.K. Cook

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