Friday, January 11, 2013


     Okay, I'm not going to lie. The date for Phoenix to be published keeps getting pulled back. Why? Because I am continuing to edit Phoenix. I want it to be perfect, or as close as I can get, and it keeps getting me screwed up. Sometimes I think of just scrapping big parts of it and re-writing it altogether. That tells you that I still need to do some work on this.
     Now I've recently learned of a competition for writing that has a huge prize. I'm nearly done editing, but do I want to wait longer to do this competition? Or should I just publish it as soon as it's ready?
     I'm still working on an answer for that. But in the meantime you should check out my book blog called The Kooky Bookworm. When I need a break from the writing and re-writing and editing I end up reading. And then the reviews go onto my book blog. I have my badge for my other blog on the right panel on the side of the blog. Rocks my world, that does. I'm still learning about HTML and stuff. Total rookie. And I kind of suck at it. But it's interesting, nevertheless.
     Anyway, I just wanted to keep you posted since I haven't had a chance to update in a while.

K.K. Cook (Kacii)

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