Sunday, March 3, 2013

Final Stages

     Ugh. It has been months! Nearly a year since I said I was going to start the publishing process. Now I'm done with the editing. I've got the cover. I've got the copyrights, the ISBN, I've settled everything. Now I have to wait.

     Now you'd think that wouldn't be a problem, considering all of the waiting I've done already. I want to hurry up and publish it now. But I have to wait 24 hours for CreateSpace to review it before I can publish it. And that's only in print form. I hope you all like paperbacks! I hate hardcovers, and I love paperbacks, so that's all good for me.

     But any of you who have been awaiting the ebook version are going to have to wait an even longer time than the rest of us. Once the print version has gone through I can do the Kindle version through CreateSpace. But I'm enrolling in the KPD Select program, so everyone who has a Nook will have to wait three more months before I publish Phoenix at Barnes & Noble.

     Anyways, I wanted to give you some images expressing my feelings on this whole 'waiting' matter:


Jimmy McNulty kicking his desk in anger
How badly I want Phoenix to be published now:
best lep time
woo hoo yippie
I think you get the picture. Haha, get the picture, because GIF's are pictures... yeah. Not funny. I know, I should stop trying to be a comedian. Maybe I will stop... eventually.
K.K. Cook

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